Art of compounding
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Paylan Pharmacy is capable of producing a number of compounding preparations prescribed by doctors. I am a member of the Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA), one of the best compounding centers in the world. – Yetvart Paylan, Pharmacist.


  • Alternate Dosage Forms
  • Aseptic Compounding
  • Cost Effective Formulating
  • Creams, Ointments, & Lotions
  • Dental Preparations
  • Dermatological Specialties
  • Discontinued Combinations
  • Enteric Coating
  • Flavor Specializations
  • Gels – Topical, Oral
  • Homeopathic Formulations
  • Hospice Consultation
  • Pain formulations
  • Nausea Formulations
  • Implants
  • Individual Dosages
  • Inhalation Therapy
  • Individual Vials
  • Combined Dosages
  • Multidose Bottles
  • Injectables
  • Lip Balms
  • Medicated Lollipops
  • Medicated Lozenges
  • Medicated Popsicles
  • Nasal Sprays & Solutions
  • Oral Suspensions
  • Original Formulations
  • Otic Insufflations
  • Otic Solutions & Suspensions
  • Over the counter Formulations
  • Pediatric Formulations
  • Physical Therapy Consultation
  • Phonophoretic Formulations
  • Reformulate now
  • Sounding Gels
  • Ionizing Solutions
  • Iontophoretic Formulations
  • Podiatric Formulas
  • Polymeric Substrate bandages
  • Preservative – Free Formulations
  • Rectal Enemas
  • Rectal Suppositories


Cicloprirox Olamine:
8.5% and 12% (stabilized) for the treatment of onuchomycosis

Kligman Formula:
chemically stabilized, which allows for the changes that this preparation experiences over time.

Aluminum Chloride Gel
for heavy perspiration.

Minoxidil in concentrations
from 2 to 12.5%.

Occlucort (Collidon)

Diflucan 1%
with or without ibuprofen2% in DMSO, in crème or varnish.

Azelaic acid 20%
Vaginal capsules of boric acid and lactobacillus acidophilus.

Pyrhtion zinc
formula often used with clobetasole (skincap)

  • We can prepare formulas containing diphenylcyclopropenone (Diphencyprone), Dinitrochorobenzene, strontium cl.
  • We can prepare formulas containing Diclofenac gel, Ibuprofen, Ketoprofen and other anti-inflammatories with gabapentin, cyclobenzaprin, etc…
  • We can obtain medications that are difficult to find on the market like Glycopyrrolate, and Sulfapyridine, a special formula for flurouracil and 20% SA Nystatin disulfiram.
  • Sterile products: gravity bags, pumps, bottle and elastrometre.
  • Sulfacet R lotion
  • Hormone replacement therapies: estron, estriol, estradiol, progesterone, secretin, procarin.
  • Ketamine Hcl, Lidocain, Amitriptyllin cream.
  • Lacquer to prevent nail and finger biting.
  • Alginate Cream
  • Triple acid: SA, LA, TCA lacquer, Thiabenzadole 10-15% in Vaseline (Lavra migrans).
  • Zinc sulfate 200-250-300 mg.
  • Thymol 4% in alcohol or chloroform
  • Vitamin C cream 5-10-15% (stabilized). Gluataraldehyde of 25% in benjoin tint.
  • Guaifenesin 150-300-600 mg capsules.
  • Ong. De moutarde azotee
  • Saturated iodide potassium solution
  • Prostaglandin injectables or intra-urethral
  • MA paste with anis oil
  • Chlorhexidine Solution

If the product or service you are looking for is not listed here,
please call us at 514-382-5921 or fax us at 514-382-5415.